Black Desert Online

Roleplayers looking for an immersive roleplay experience need to look no further than Black Desert Online. We have consistent roleplay on a near-daily basis in one of the most impressive 3d games to hit the market in recent memory.

For those unfamiliar with Black Desert Online, it is a sandbox – like Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game from Korea featuring state of the art graphics, immersive gameplay and intricate systems for multiple life skills. Released in March of 2016 to the west, it has had tremendous success with a dedicated playerbase. The most impressive features are the extremely detailed character creation process that allows for a truly unique character avatar, fully fleshed out life systems for farming, processing, gathering, crafting and cooking as well as the extensive horse breeding/ taming systems. There is so much to do, there is near infinite content to explore while not roleplaying. This game is vast and immersive to the point that one could spend 100s of hours without even reaching the soft level cap.

For new players to BDO, you can buy and download the gameĀ here.


We have several active members in BDO, but the most infamous is Kikiroshi the 11 year old boy tamer who loves candy and adventures. Kiki is notorious for his antics and cany-induced hyperactivity. If you see Kiki online, don’t be afraid to say hello and let him know that you saw this site.

Kiki the tamer
One of the most notorious FFO members, Kikiroshi.


For further information about the game there is a large reddit community which can be found at




Here is a list of common questions asked about BDO and my thoughts and answers to these questions. This is coming from a casual player who participates in PvP from time to time and enjoys the game for what it is.

Is this game worth getting?

TL;DR: Yes.

Longer: Yes IMO, if you like MMOs and don’t expect a themepark MMO or to have your hand held through the whole thing. BDO is a beautiful game with a lot to do. If you like single player RPG’s you’ll love this game! There is so much to do that it can be almost overwhelming at times (even after 1000s of hours). BDO is more of a choose your own adventure MMO. The graphics, combat, PVP and lifeskills are true standouts in this game and do those things better than any other MMO I’ve ever played. I spent $30.00 and have put in over 1000 hours.

Can I have a guest pass?

TL;DR: Sure! But not from me.

Longer: You need to go look on the guest pass subreddit. People give away guest passes all the time and you just have to ask (please not in the main BDO subreddit).

Is this game P2W?

TL;DR: No. P2convenience is more apt.

Longer: No, but it could be if the devs up the conversion rate of $$$ to in game silver. As it stands, the game is healthy and not P2W. There are a few cash-shop only costumes that give slight advantages (looking at you Ghille suit and fish costume), but the majority of items can be bought with in game silver. The conversion rate is so low that one would go bankrupt trying to P2W to the best armor. As it stands, a costume can be upwards of $30.00 off the cash shop, but will net you around 20-25mil silver in game if it sells (which it will, almost instantly). It is important to note that sales are limited to 5 per week of cash shop items, so you can only spend so much in game per week. The 100 million that you can get from selling cash shop items sounds like a lot, but you can easily make 100 million in game VERY easily if you actively play for 2-3 hours a day and set up your income to be mostly passive. The costumes (~25mil) that you can buy do give a 10% exp buff constantly, but that 25 million is very easy to get in game at 50+ and leveling to 50 can be done in a matter of 5-6 hours.

The exceptions to this that people like to argue are the ghille suit and fish costume as well as the scarcity of cash shop items. Because the items are so (relatively) cheap, they sell out almost instantly and are harder to buy over all of the bid snipers out there. The costumes that are not available with silver are a little bit more than p2 convenience, but far from p2w. The ghille suit hides your name and makes you “invisible” in combat until you kill somebody. It’s more of an anonymisor than anything, hiding your guild tag and name from players looking to gank you. This costume is completely optional, but some could argue it offers a real benefit. The other costume people (hopefully) jokingly claim is P2W is the fish costume. It does give a benefit to fishing that is harder to get without and offers a movement speed buff in the water (which you may have to buy a potion for).

Overall, you can spend money to progress your character but it is such a low conversion that it isn’t worth it. I haven’t spent a single dime outside of buying the game and have fun.

Do I need to grind?

TL;DR: Yes and no, but mostly yes.

Longer: Yes, grinding is the most efficient means to progress your character. That being said, you can progress (a little bit slower) by setting up nodes for passive income and afk fish for income when you’re not playing. I personally don’t like grinding, but I have taken the time to get to 56 to get my awakening weapon because I like the combat. The action combat is very fluid and fun in this game and put this MMO miles ahead of any other MMO. I don’t think I could play any other MMO for a while because it’s just too good. The combat makes grinding fun, so it’s not as bad as other MMOs out there. One cool thing is that open world PVP happens naturally and can be quite a rush, but you don’t HAVE to PvP to enjoy the game.

Are there dungeons?

TL;DR: No, but technically yes.

Longer: Yes, there are technically 5 player open world dungeons that you can find in the desert area. The gear requirements are quite high and not something you can do until you’ve played the game for a while. I’ve never done it, but I hear that they can be fun if you have a good group to go with.

How is the community?

TL;DR: Mixed, mostly positive.

Longer: The community is generally very helpful to new players and will answer a lot of questions. Reddit is a bit salty at times, so don’t judge the community based on people here. The community and game is VERY active and alive. I see hundreds of players in Heidel every day and the chat is always bustling at all hours of the day. This game as with any online community has its trolls, block them and move on with your life. They are not worth your time, and are so few that you won’t even notice.

Is this a sandbox MMO?

TL;DR: BDO is a Sandpark Themebox MMO.

Longer: Sandpark Themebox is a greate description. There are a lot of cool events and things to see/ do such as world bosses (think of them as outdoor raid bosses as everything is open world in BDO except houses) and cool quest chains with cinematics. Although they are there, you do not have to do the quests (there are benefits other than xp) and can choose your own adventure if you are into that sort of thing. There is a vast world (far larger than you realize) to explorer and very deep lifeskill systems that allow you to specialize in non-combat roles in the world. I find myself fishing and processing more than anything because I really enjoy lifeskills in this game. BDO has a lot to offer, a lot to do and a lot to see. This game is truly a breath of fresh air compared to every other MMO I’ve tried.

What are workers/ nodes?

TL;DR: Workers are NPCS that gather raw materials for you. Each town/ village/

Longer: Workers live in houses in main cities, they are physical NPCs that go to a node to collect resources or work in a facility to process materials for you. Workers can be Goblins, Giants or Humans and will have their own unique skills, talents and traits that make them useful for certain kinds of tasks. Workers are not slaves and are paid in the taxes of the city that they work in. Just like real life, workers recover stamina from beer.

A node is an area in the world that has a specific kind of resource, enemy or town. Nodes will have a node manager that you can speak to and invest in. If you invest in a node, you may get resources (like ores/ lumber) that your workers can gather or an increased drop chance of items from the enemies there. You can connect nodes together by investing your contribution (think of it as contributing to a cause by doing quests or making specific items) to create trade routes or unlock the features of that node.

How does the player housing work?

TL;DR: Instanced housing that you can make into a home.

Longer: Player housing is an instanced house that can be customized with furniture items and crafting tools. Each house has a
interior point rating that is calculated by the decorations inside. The more furniture or rare furnishings you have, the higher the points and the higher it will show up on the leaderboards. Houses can be used for a lot of things, to unlock investment banking (don’t worry about it for now), you need a rank 1 house. You can also use them for RPing or to hold your trinkets/ collectables from your adventures. You need a house for cooking or alchemy lifeskills because the tools you use have to be physically placed in a house.

What is an awakening weapon?

TL;DR: A powerful weapon unlocked at 56.

Longer: Awakening weapons change the playstyle of the class and are unlocked at 56. They are generally a weapon that fufills a specific class fantasy and can be swapped in and out of at any time. One example is the warrior’s greatsword. Pre-awakening the warrior relies on a sword and shield in combat and is generally a tanky bruiser character with less damage than other classes. He sacrifices a bit of damage to be a little bit tankier than average. Post awakening, he gains access to a two handed great sword that can be used at any time and will generally deal more damage than his 1h sword. The awakening has its own combos and playstyle that change the role and flow of the warrior’s kit. He loses the ability to grapple and taunt while weilding the greatsword, but makes up for it with more damage and different CC.



Updated 12-28-16