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Hero is a mute protector who will stand up for those who cannot protect themselves. He is currently employed by the Twilight Horizon guild and acts as the recruitment officer as well as a mercenary when called upon.

Hero’s story:


Hero was born in Trent to out of a scandalous relationship between a budding apprentice wizard and a forest elf ranger. Such a relationship was uncommon for the small logging town of Trent and most of the residents openly criticized Spicy for practicing magick so openly. Hero’s father, who is only known now as Spicy amassed great power through his studies and drew the attention of the local cultists during Hero’s childhood.

His half-elven blood was rich with magickal potential and his agility and strengh far exceeded that of the other children in Trent. Growing up he was often criticized and had to work extra hard to earn his place in the village, often being teased and made fun of by the other children. Dispite his abuse, Hero always knew he had great potential and was a destined for greatness, often daydreaming of traveling the world and living off the land. Up until a week before Hero’s 8th birthday he lived a happy life with his father, studying and learning basic alchemy and helping with making potions when he wasn’t gathering and chopping logs for the workmaster of Trent.

Hero’s father promised him that on his 8th birthday he would go to Calpheon and visit his uncle and learn of the family heritage. Hero and Spicy set out on that fateful journey via wagon at daybreak, but would not reach their destination. Outside of Trent, by the Mansha forest their wagon was ambushed and Hero was kidnapped in transit by cultists looking to use Hero as a blood sacrifice to the God of Darkness, Hadum. Spicy fought with all his magickal might, but the cultists ended up stealing Hero away. Leading up to his 8th birthday, the day which he was planned to be a sacrifice, he was held captive, whipped and tortured to break his spirits. Through all of this darkness his spirit never died and his will was never broken.

Four days before the ritual, Hero started taunting the cultists, so sure that his father would come to rescue him. This upset the cultists, they became furious cut his tongue completely out of his mouth to shut him up permanently. For two days, Hero choked on his own blood and vomit, crying out in pain without rest. His will was not broken, he did not want to die. During a shift change of guards in the early morning he saw an oppourtunity to escape, he had spent days studying their habits and knew that was his only chance at getting away. Using his small size and naturally heightened helf-elf senses, he escaped into the forest away from the cultists.

Hero ran and ran and ran, swimming across Catfish Lake to lose the cultists. Hero kept going and going until he collapsed just outside of Calpheon’s city walls where he met his trusty hawk, Birdo. His unlikely companion saw Hero lying on the ground, close to death and for whatever reason decided to share half of a ground squirrel with him. Hero choked the raw meat down and gained enough strength to get inside of the city’s walls where he could spend the few silver coins that were in his coin pouch on a proper meal.

Hero’s luck and coin ran out very quickly, Hero found himself homeless and coinless within a day of reaching Calpheon. His uncle was out of town on a trade run, and Hero did not know what he looked like as they had never met before. Hero’s only friend was Birdo, whom he shared fish with in exchange for companionship. One fateful day in Calpheon during a parade for the Valkyries, a student stopped and told him to follow his dreams. Although Hero was devastated by losing his tongue, he learned to adapt and became interested in caligraphy shortly after reaching Calpheon after seeing an ornate sign-board at a shop. Hero borrowed a book from the university and bought a quill and inkwell from a local shop with money from selling fish to the trade manager at the south gate. Although he could not speak, Hero loved haggling with the merchants to get a better deal and within a month of reaching Calpheon had aquired a fair bit of wealth.

Several years passed of him living a solitary life in the city, fishing and bartering to keep a roof over his head until he decided to see the world and travel. At the age of 16, he decided he was going to fight for those who had nothing and bring encouragement to the disenfrachised and demoralized. He left Calpheon and immediately went south to Trent in search of his father and the cultists who had wronged him, but they were nowhere to be found. Hero vowed to slaughter them all, and this is the main motivation for his training and life existance.

Several quiet years have passed since Hero’s grand adventure started, but he still believes in others and still holds true to his vow of slaughtering the cultists. He currently resides in Heidel in a family home from his uncle, sharing it with his cousins. Hero often hangs out at the tavern to gather intel on cultist activity as well as potential job oppourtunities, often serving as a mercenary with his guild, Twilight Horizon.

Personality quirks:

  • Hero has severe self-esteem issues and will become introverted and depressed when somebody makes fun of his lack of tongue.
  • Hero hates crowds.
  • Hero can become frustrated if he has to explain himself multiple times.

Interesting facts:

  • Hero’s natural handwriting is caligraphic.
  • Hero has an leatherbound journal that he caries with him everywhere to write as well as a green quill with a silver ink resevior so he does not need an inkwell.
  • Hero’s favourite colour is green.
  • Hero’s mother was an elf.
  • Hero knows sign language, dispite not being deaf.
  • Hero loves to eat black pepper as it is one of the few spices he can “taste” without a tongue as it goes into his sinuses.
  • Hero is strong and agile, dispite not appearing muscular due to his half-elf heritage.

Hobbies/ Skills

  • Hero loves fishing and cooking in his off time.


Hero is a character roughly inspired by the mute hero of the Legend of Zelda titles, Link.
If you wish to play Hero as a DnD character, I have included a PDF version of the form.




Hero Character Sheet