Welcome to the Fantasy Forged Online Minecraft community. We are a dedicated group of gamers looking for fun and adventure in the land of Minecraft with a dedicated server for non-stop action and adventure. The FFO Minecraft server is a vanilla survival server with a few quality of life changes including: no fire spread, no creeper explosion griefing and getting to keep your inventory on death.


To access the server use the address: minecraft.fantasyforgedonline.com

Server is currently offline, will update when it is online.


  1. No griefing or stealing.
  2. No raiding unless you specifically have permission to borrow from the other player.
  3. No building on a claimed plot of land. To claim make it obvious that it is claimed by marking borders of the intended build area.
  4. Have fun!


Upcoming features:

  • Dynamic Map.
  • Anti-griefing measures if needed.
  • VoIP service to accompany game community.