The Rofocale Family of Black Desert Online

The Rofocale family in the lands of Black Desert is a well-established family that is respected in the merchant sector. For generations the Rofocales have been primarily focused on building their trade and craft empire and building influence across the lands. On one side of the family, we have Thomas Rofocale who was a wealthy trade merchant with extensive knowledge of regional market and on the other, the great wizard known as Spicy. His real name is unknown, and he is currently in hiding after terrible events with his family.
Thomas Rofocale built his wealth trading and had a nice central-city home in Calpheon where his family was raised. A short while after his retirement, Olivia, Leona and Kenshin’s mother passed away. She was a kind and happy woman, but sickness struck her down early on in their lives. Thomas was never the same, he sent Leona to Calpheon’s University to become a Valkyrie. While Leona was at the University, he passed away after catching the plague on an extended trade deal that he was called to consult on. Kenshin was with Thomas when he passed, and has never been the same since.

Thomas fathered another son after Olivia died with a woman named Lily, who lived at Olvia farm and was known to be available to people passing through. She forced Thomas to take Kikiroshi in an act of emotional blackmail, lest his reputation be sullied by his adulterous act outside of wedlock. Kiki was still in Calpheon, watching the house at age 7 when his father passed away.

Spicy the grand wizard had a family of his own, fathering two children, Zelda and Hero. The great wizard was forced into hiding after his son Hero was kidnapped by cultists in the Trent area where he made his residence. After Hero’s escape, the cultists were angry that their sacrifice to the dark god Hadum was not sacrificed and that their ritual was incomplete. Luckily during this time, Zelda was sent to Calpheon to live with her uncle Thomas and was nowhere to be found when the cultists returned for her. Hero was not so lucky, during his time with the cultists his tongue was cut out to quiet his crying and he nearly bled to death before the ritual could be completed. Hero ran away to Calpheon and lived on the streets, living among the lower-class. He read everything he could growing up to educate himself and learned Caligraphy at a young age, having to write or mime to communicate due to his missing tongue. Zelda ran away from Thomas’ care at a young age and traveled looking for Hero.

The current events of BDO take place several years after the events listed above. Please click on the various character sections to learn more about their personality traits, desires and interests.