RP Rules

FFO will eventually develope its own rules as the moderators demand, however there is a good set of rules/ general guidelines that FFO will be using as a loose basis which can be found on the unofficial rules of roleplay site.

FFO takes no credit for these rules and all credit is implied to the original author.

Here are the unofficial rules and tiers of RP according to the unoffial rules of RP site:

T1 or Tier 1

Paragraph, turn-based fighting.

T1 is a type of fighting style generally used by people in chats or forums. These people are generally the more advanced RPers. Average time to learn T1 can take anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on the time spent learning and perfecting the form. It is based off the idea that the paragraphs you use should appear to come out of a book using detailed descriptions so that the people watching can ‘see’ what is happening in chat to make Role Playing a more enjoyable experience.

T1 is probably the hardest way to role-play if you are not good at being descriptive. T1 is turn-based, so you have to wait for your opponent to finish typing his/her attack. It is also paragraph fighting. In a T1 match, your opponent can strike you. You have the ability to reverse the attack or take the hit and come back with one of your own. In T1, you can only type one attack each paragraph. If you type more than one attack in a paragraph, you will be disqualified. You may need to type more than one paragraph, so when this is needed, use <C> at the end and beginning of your paragraph. Once you complete your attack/entrance, put an <E> at the end to symbolize the finalization of your paragraph.


John: (paragraph) Attacks!
Tim: (paragraph) Defends/avoids/takes-the-hit, counter attacks.
John: (paragraph) Defends/avoids/takes-the-hit, counter attacks

T2 or Tier 2

High-paced fighting style. 7 words to attack. 10 connect. 7 dodge. 12 counter-attack.

T2 was created by people who felt T1 was too long and took too much time to use. You have to have a minimum of 7 words for your attack. And the same for the outcome. To reverse you need the minimum of 10 words. And the same for the reverse outcome. It takes a minimum of 12 words to post a counter-attack.


As John jumps up, he ducks the attack and picks Tim up on his shoulders. (counter-attack)
John would attempt to toss him over. (attack)
John then slammed Tim’s back very roughly onto the ground. (connect)

T1 and T2 are referred to “Legal Fighting Styles”.
T3, T4, T5 and T6 are all generally referred to as “Non-Legal Fighting Styles”.

T3 or Tier 3

T3 is probably the easiest and most ‘noobish’ way to role-play. To attack you need a post of one word or more, then another post to connect, then another to “seal”, to make one hit. You would block or dodge the same way, but using a blocking or dodging word in place of the attack word.

Posts can be as long or as short as you want. There is no typo limit and no other rules than those stated. The idea is simply to “seal” your attack before your opponent can type “dodge”. Because it is considered “noobish”, T3 is generally not used much.

T4 or Tier 4

T4 is a new fighting style which is a mixture of T2 and T3. It is an S15 fighting style meaning that all posts must have at least 15 words to be valid. The only exception to this is range posts, which merely require 7 words. Also, T4 is based on a point system. You must have at least 5 points to win a match.

T5 or Tier 5

T5 is often used in Gor-related RP’s in reference to legit kills, and has to do with the number of lines, plus the number of words per line. T5 states that a legit kill is if you post 5 separate lines of 5 words each without being interrupted by a dodge or a counterstrike, ergo making it a legit kill. At any point in turn, the one being T5’ed must post a 5-word dodge before the 5th post drops. The 5 lines of post do not have to be consecutive, though, and sneaking around the posts of others is allowed. Still, a specific set of actions must be done prior to the kill. There must be statement of intent, withdrawing of weapon, approach to intended victim, action of intended attack, and statement of death.


*I look at Tim with intent to kill*
*I quickly palm my knife*
*Quietly, I walk up behind Tim*
*I aim the blade across his throat*
*As he dies, I drop him to the ground*

At any point in time prior to the last line, Tim could post a five-word dodge and avoid death.

T6 or Tier 6

T6 is also referred to as “Freestyle”. It is an “anything goes” fight style in which players use whatever is in their power to win. Autos, what ifs, and other forms of attacks generally dismissed as god-modding are considered perfectly okay.

These rules were pulled from: http://theunofficialofficialrulesofroleplay.weebly.com